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2021 Webinar Series 
Join us for Volunteer WV Wednesday, a free monthly webinar series, where we will explain our programs, network, provide trainings, and have fun! The goal if this project is to explain Volunteer West Virginia's programs and to connect with people across the state. There will also be opportunities to network, learn new things, and win prizes!  If you have any questions contact Christina Cochran

Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves
January 13th | 1pm - 2pm 
So you've heard of Volunteer West Virginia! You might know us for our Be Kind campaign, our AmeriCorps programs, or our work with CERT teams! Join us to learn more about who we are and what we do at Volunteer WV.  We are state agency committed to making West Virginia a better place to live for all of us; we encourage new ideas and fresh faces that share our mission of bringing kindness and community service opportunities to all corners of the mountain state. Click here to register.
COVID Wellness 
February 10th | 1pm - 2P
This month, we are focusing on mindfulness, self-care, AND fun! We know that West Virginia winters can be long and lonely, especially when you throw COVID-19 into the mix. Join us for an informative and social session on pushing through the cold-weather slump. Together we will learn some tactics to keep a positive outlook as we enter a fresh, New Year! Click here to register

AmeriCorps 101 
March 10th | 1pm - 2pm 
Have you heard of AmeriCorps, but you're not sure exactly how the program works? Are you involved with a community organization that could use an extra set of hands to get things done? Our AmeriCorps 101 session will walk you through how AmeriCorps members can make a difference in a variety of ways, through several different streams of AmeriCorps service. This session will be geared towards how AmeriCorps can build your organizations capacity to serve. Click here to register.

My AmeriCorps Experience 
March 12th | 1pm - 2pm
This session is open to current, future, and prospective AmeriCorps members and Alumni. Some may be looking for their next service project, some may be questioning if AmeriCorps is the right choice for them. We welcome you! We will feature several AmeriCorps members and alumni and ask them about things they wish they had known prior to their service. If you are an AmeriCorps alum, this is a great way to connect with some prospective AmeriCorps members and offer your advice! Click here to register

All About Volunteering!
April 14th | 1pm - 2pm
Volunteerism runs deep here in West Virginia. In this session we will discuss what makes a positive volunteer experience, and hear from experienced volunteer program managers and former Governors Service Award winners. We will be mailing "Be Kind" packs out to first 300 people who submit their Volunteer Stories - make sure you tell us how volunteering has impacted your life! Click here to register

Grant Writing Training
May 12th | 1pm - 2:30pm 
This training is still in the works! But you aren't going to want to miss it. This will be a mini version of our regular Grant Writing Training. Check back for more details soon!  

Meet your Wild and Wonderful West Virginia Neighbors!
June 9th | 1pm - 2pm
When you ask anyone what makes West Virginia so great, "the people" is probably in their top 3 answers! They are right up there with pepperoni rolls and our beautiful mountains. In honor of West Virginia Day, this session is focused on developing our people power, forging personal connections, and expanding your network. Make connections with like minded individuals - volunteers, AmeriCorps alumni, non-profit staff, and more! Forget all your troubles for this hour where you can unwind laugh! Click here to register.

Meet the Volunteer West Virginia Staff! 
June 11th | 1pm - 2pm 
We have a dynamic team here at Volunteer West Virginia. Our staff serves in many capacities, such as managing AmeriCorps federal funds, focusing on preparation and disaster response, and encouraging volunteerism year-round! Join us to meet and greet with our staff so that next time you need us or just want to bounce an idea off someone, you know who to call! Click here to register

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