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2024 Webinar Series 
Join us for Volunteer WV Wednesday, a free monthly webinar series, where we will explain our programs, network, provide trainings, and have fun! The goal if this project is to explain Volunteer West Virginia's programs and to connect with people across the state. There will also be opportunities to network, learn new things, and win prizes!

2024 Webinar Schedule 
The Top Eight Mistakes Made After Winning the Grant that Jeopardize Your Future Funding​
May 8th | 1-3PM (Two Hours) 
Congratulations on securing that much-needed grant for your nonprofit! But the real work starts now. Join us for an insightful webinar where we'll delve into the top 8 common mistakes organizations make after receiving a grant award and how to avoid them. From complacency to mismanagement, we'll uncover the potential pitfalls that could harm your future funding prospects and hinder your organization's mission. Learn firsthand from an experienced professional as we discuss practical strategies to safeguard against these mistakes and ensure the continued success of your grant-funded initiatives. Don't let avoidable errors derail your efforts. Join us to gain valuable insights and actionable tips that will empower you to navigate the post-award phase with confidence and maximize the impact of your grant funding for the communities you serve. Click here to register

This workshop will be presented by Nicki Bentley-Colthart, Owner/CEO - The Grant Advantage. Nicki Bentley-Colthart, MSW, is an experienced grant writer with 30 years of experience researching, drafting, and submitting awarded proposals to local, state, and Federal sources. She has developed and delivered training workshops on grant writing basics, advanced next steps in grant writing, partnership development, budget planning, program evaluation, as well as served as an adjunct instructor at West Virginia Wesleyan College – teaching courses on grant writing, nonprofit funding, and nonprofit management at the undergraduate and graduate level. Learn more at :https://www.thegrantadvantage.net​.

June - Summer Break

The Community Quilt: Rural Volunteerism
July 10th | 1-2PM​
This webinar will be presented by special guest and expert in the field, Jenny Keener, Volunteer and Donation Coordinator​ for Heart + Hand Outreach Ministries in South Charleston.  In this interactive presentation, we'll explore the power of volunteerism in rural communities and how it creates a vibrant tapestry of support and community. Participants will learn about the unique challenges and opportunities of volunteering in rural areas, discover innovative approaches to community engagement, and share inspiring stories of grassroots efforts making a difference. Together, we'll stitch together the fabric of rural volunteerism, celebrating the diverse talents, passions, and contributions that enrich the social fabric of our communities. Join us as we embark on a journey of collaboration, compassion, and collective impact, weaving a brighter future for rural volunteerism one thread at a time! ​Click here to register.

Project Management 
August 14 | 1-2PM 
This webinar will feature special guest Shannon Stober, from Jump Start Training & Development. The description is coming soon! Click here to register​.

Get Ready WV 
September 25th | 1-2PM
National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year. In this meeting, hear from Gina Namay, Volunteer West Virginia’s Disaster Services and Planning Lead, with tips to help keep your family safe and prepared for a variety of situations. Click here to register.

Volunteer Management Lifecycle
October 9th | 1-2PM 
This webinar will feature special guest Shannon Stober, from Jump Start Training & Development. The description is coming soon! Click here to register.

Grant Writing Nuts & Bolts
November 13th | 1-3PM (Two Hours) 
This is one of our most popular trainings - Grant Writing Training! Special guest Nicki Bentley-Colthart, from the Grant Advantage, will share tips on how to apply for grants and perfect your grant application. Click here to register.

Winter Networking Hot Cocoa Hour: Brew Ideas for 2025
December 11th | 1-2PM
The Holiday season is full of hustle and bustle - but have you ever stopped to think about how this is in contrast with the stillness of nature that sets in with winter? During this training ,grab a cup of cocoa or coffee, and slow down during this busy time of year. We will also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, set intentions and goals for the New Year of 2025! Click here to register.

Previous Webinars 
To watch recordings of our previous Volunteer West Virginia Wednesdays click here​. ​