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2024 Webinar Series 
Join us for Volunteer WV Wednesday, a free monthly webinar series, where we will explain our programs, network, provide trainings, and have fun! The goal if this project is to explain Volunteer West Virginia's programs and to connect with people across the state. There will also be opportunities to network, learn new things, and win prizes!

2024 Webinar Schedule 

Project Management 
August 14 | 1-2PM ​
Ready to level up your project management game? Join us for a fun and interactive webinar that dives into the essentials of project planning! You'll learn how to set clear project objectives, craft foolproof timelines, and master the art of team coordination. Discover the basics of project planning, hone your skills in defining objectives and milestones, and uncover techniques for smart resource allocation and risk management. Our special guest, Shannon Stober from Jumpstart Leadership​, will share her wealth of experience and infectious energy and will provide practical tools and techniques to enhance your project planning skills. ​ ​Click here to register​.

Get Ready WV 
September 25th | 1-2PM
National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year. This year we will focus on preparedness considerations for people with disabilities, seniors and cargivers. During this webinar, you will hear from FEMA's Office of Disability Integration and Coordination and from FEMA's Office of External Affairs about their NEW Caregiver's Guide to Preparedness. Lastly, we will be hearing from our sister agency, AmeriCorps Seniors, about their programming and ways to volunteer. Click here to register.

Volunteer Management Lifecycle
October 9th | 1-2PM 
Ready to take your volunteer programming to the next level? Join us for a fun and engaging webinar where we'll explore how to enhance and optimize your volunteer efforts! Dive into the volunteer management lifecycle, covering everything from planning and recruitment to management and evaluation. You'll learn to describe the five stages of the volunteer lifecycle, identify key activities within each stage, and use this framework to diagnose and strategize your current volunteer efforts. Don't miss this chance to transform your volunteer program into a well-oiled machine! This webinar will be presented by Shannon Stober from Jumpstart Leadership​Click here to register.

Grant Writing Nuts & Bolts
November 13th | 1-3PM (Two Hours) 
This is one of our most popular trainings - Grant Writing Training! Special guest Nicki Bentley-Colthart, from the Grant Advantage, will share tips on how to apply for grants and perfect your grant application. Click here to register.

Winter Networking Hot Cocoa Hour: Brew Ideas for 2025
December 11th | 1-2PM
The Holiday season is full of hustle and bustle - but have you ever stopped to think about how this is in contrast with the stillness of nature that sets in with winter? During this training ,grab a cup of cocoa or coffee, and slow down during this busy time of year. We will also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, set intentions and goals for the New Year of 2025! Click here to register.

Previous Webinars 
To watch recordings of our previous Volunteer West Virginia Wednesdays click here​. ​