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AmeriCorps on the Frontline of School Success 

AmeriCorps on the Frontline empowers at-risk students to see their potential by connecting them with a caring adult role model—an element lacking in many of their lives. By providing consistent, ongoing mentoring for West Virginia's most at-risk students it considerably increases their school attendance, behavior and course performance and thereby improves their chances of successful high school graduation.


Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area 
Serve communities and the environment In the scenic eastern mountains of West Virginia with AFHA AmeriCorps! Conservation members improve public lands, restore and monitor ecosystems, and educate about the environment. Community heritage members help with redevelopment, tourism, and historic preservation of local communities, and enhance cultural heritage for heritage sites and museums. Hands-On Team members provide direct historic preservation and conservation service for a variety of projects. 

For available positions and more information, click here or call Phyllis Baxter at 304-636-6182. 

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Energy Express AmeriCorps 
Looking for a great summer opportunity and résumé builder? Energy Express is an 8 week program which helps prevent the summer learning slide of children living in low-income, rural areas. Members serve as mentors and community coordinators. Positions are available in 40 counties of West Virginia. For more information, click here or call John Lyonett 304-293-3855. 


Grow Ohio Valley
Help improve social justice, community service and fresh, locally grown food access throughout rustbelt Appalachia and sow seeds of regional economic development. Programs, include: organic urban agricultural production, school garden programs, community supported agriculture initiatives, neighborhood farm stands, and a traveling mobile organic market. For more information, click here or call Susan Barbour at (304) 233-4769.

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High Rocks Youth Education and Empowerment 
High Rocks AmeriCorps members create opportunities for learning, leadership, health and wellness, and community engagement in local organizations in rural West Virginia. Members serve in youth empowerment, housing, local foods, and more. High Rock's mission is to educate, empower, and inspire young people to build a strong, sustainable West Virginia. Visit, or call (304) 653-4891. For more information, click here or call Janet Swift 304-653-489. 


LifeBridge AmeriCorps
Make a difference in your community. LifeBridge programs teach life skills, help create opportunity for unemployed and underemployed individuals including veterans, and help distressed families meet basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and emotional care. Members serve at more than 25 counties. For more information, click here or call Darnitta Elswick at (304) 340-3593.

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Appalachia Health Corps
Play a hands-on role in creating a healthy future in West Virginia! AmeriCorps members promote healthy choices through education, weight loss, nutrition, and physical activity. Change lives by teaching chronic disease self-management through healthy lifestyle choices. Members serve throughout the state. Call 740-350-9943 for more information.


Preserve WV AmeriCorps Program 

The Preserve WV AmeriCorps program is Preservation Alliance of West Virginia’s statewide service initiative where members help main streets thrive, help communities capture their local history, and help preserve beloved West Virginia landmarks. Members' service will emphasize community development and revitalization through projects focused on historic preservation, volunteer management, and  heritage tourism development. For more information, click here or call Danielle LaPresta-Parker at 304-345-6005.

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Step by Step StrengthCorps 
Help build a new future in the Southern coal fields. Step by Step Strength Corps members help at risk students succeed by assisting them with identifying strengths to build the resiliency to graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to successfully transition to a career, college, or technical school. For more information call (304) 414-4452.


WVU Collaborative Direct AmeriCorps 

Help your fellow WVU classmates graduate college! AmeriCorps members serve as Peer First Year Transition Leaders or Innovative Service Champions for fellow college students who are at risk for dropping out of school. In exchange, AmeriCorps members receive professional development and an Education Award to pay for school or repay student loans. To learn more call (304) 293- 8761. 

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