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Volunteer Recognition Mini Grant Project Ideas


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Volunteer Recognition Mini Grants
Volunteer West Virginia is happy to announce the availability of mini grants to host volunteer recognition projects and events.  Thanking volunteers is an important part of managing and retaining volunteers. The goal of this project is to help organizations start new volunteer recognition projects and events or improve upon existing events. Eligible organizations may receive up to $500.

Need help getting started? Here are a few of our favorite project examples!
  • Awards For Volunteers – Celebrate your volunteers with special awards to recognize their accomplishments. Grant funds can be used for awards, certificates, decorations, and venue rentals. 
  • Thank You Videos – Produce a “Thank You Video” for your volunteers. This video can also feature thank you messages from community members, organizers or leaders, clips from social events, and images about the overall impact of your volunteers.
  • Thank You Letters from the Community – Reach out to communities that your volunteers serve and ask them to write thank you letters to your volunteers.  
  • Volunteer Appreciation Gifts – Grant funding can be used to purchase small thank you gifts, merchandize, and care packages.  
  • Volunteer Recognition Programs – Start a Volunteer Recognition program at your organization. Funds can be used to establish a “Volunteer of the Month Program” and other volunteer recognition programs. 
  • Virtual Volunteer Recognition Events – Host a virtual recognition event. Grant funds can be used for a Zoom membership, guest speaker, or virtual event materials. 

Unallowable Expenditures Include
  • Food – Funding can not be used to purchase food, catering, or meals. 
  • Projects that do not adhere to COVID CDC guidelines. Projects must adhere to local and state guidelines for safety.

How to Apply 
Click here to learn more.

If you have questions about a potential​ project please email Dana Bryant​. We are happy to help!

Contact Information

Dana Bryant, Dana.A.Bryant@wv.gov