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Preserve WV: Now Hiring! - AmeriCorps Program Manager


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Preservation Alliance of West Virginia (PAWV), the statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to historic preservation, is seeking an AmeriCorps Program Manager to help with the management, implementation, and administration of the Preserve WV AmeriCorps program, as well as to manage the PAWV office in Elkins.
The Preserve WV AmeriCorps program is PAWV’s statewide national service initiative where AmeriCorps members help main streets thrive, help communities capture their local history, and help preserve beloved West Virginia landmarks.
The program involves 26 AmeriCorps members in a combination of full-time and half-time slots that are assigned to historical organizations across the state of West Virginia. The AmeriCorps Program Manager will be directly supervised by, and report to, Danielle Parker (PAWV Executive Director) and will assist her with the management and administration of the Preserve WV AmeriCorps program, in addition to helping with some general administrative tasks for PAWV. 
This position will be hourly part-time (averaging 20 - 30 hours/week) with pay of $15/hour.
PAWV is looking for an AmeriCorps Program Manager who exemplifies competence, communication, and commitment.  

AmeriCorps Program Manager Duties Will Include
1) Paperwork & Monitoring for AmeriCorps Members
  • Review member timesheets twice per month in an online reporting system;
  • Review AmeriCorps member monthly and quarterly reports and maintain an excel database with relevant data for grant reporting and program evaluation;
  • Complete National Service Criminal History Check procedures for new AmeriCorps members and site supervisors. Maintain the organization of these files;
  • Assist with overseeing member and site performance, including participating in some member-planned events, conducting site monitoring visits, and helping to resolve issues and conflicts that may arise with members;
  • Assist with program evaluation; and
  • Log into an online time-keeping system to track and report your time worked for grant reimbursement purposes.
2) AmeriCorps Recruitment, Training, & Team Building 
  • Alongside the Executive Director, recruit and interview new AmeriCorps members;
  • Assist with planning and conducting trainings and other meetings;
  • Facilitate team building, service projects, and new member familiarization with the state;
  • Conduct AmeriCorps orientation (at first with the executive director and eventually independently) and collect/maintain AmeriCorps member paperwork; and
  • Set up AmeriCorps OnCorps and Google Drive accounts.
3) Other AmeriCorps Tasks 
  • Order AmeriCorps supplies; and
  • Communicate with state Program Officers and attend periodic AmeriCorps meetings.
4) Darden House Office Management
  • Collect mail at Elkins office and share relevant information with the executive director;
  • Organize mailed Section 106 requests and distribute to the respective committee;
  • Answer telephone calls and field general PAWV inquiries by phone;
  • Make deposits for PAWV and then send information to executive director for accounting purposes; and
  • Help organize quarterly PAWV Board Meetings.

​Successful candidate must be organized and meticulous with paperwork, a self-starter, and computer literate with comfort in Microsoft Office Suite, email, Google drive, Survey Monkey, and social media. Excellent people skills and demonstrable ability to learn on one’s own are essential. The candidate must be able to work independently with periodic direction. Candidate should have a college degree or significant life experience. Prior management and/or AmeriCorps experience will be a plus.
Communication and people skills are vital. Successful candidate must work closely with a wide variety of people. Good written and verbal communication skills, positive attitude, professionalism, calm demeanor in response to stress or conflict, ability to help with conflict resolution, and comfort with speaking in groups will all be needed. Candidates who can connect readily with the AmeriCorps members are encouraged to apply, as long as they can show management experience.  
AmeriCorps staff person should commit to PAWV principles and be prepared to take responsibility and represent the organization. Be expected to represent PAWV as a professional and to build relationships with site representatives, government agencies and officials, and program partners. It will be important to understand and comply with AmeriCorps prohibited activities, including not advocating or representing political or religious viewpoints as an employee.

The position will be based in Elkins, WV at the PAWV office located at 421 Davis Avenue. The Program Manager will be expected to keep business hours as agreed, with some reimbursable travel around the state for AmeriCorps site visits, program orientation, and board meetings. In some cases, the AmeriCorps Program Manager will be required to stay overnight for pre-arranged PAWV and AmeriCorps Program Activities. This usually occurs in January, May, July, and October.

To Apply 
  • Submit (by email to dlapresta@pawv.org) a cover letter expressing why you are a good fit for this position.
  • Submit (by email to dlapresta@pawv.org) a resume including contact information for 2-3 professional/academic references.
  • Complete the following application at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R37SP92
  • Complete a multi-part National Service Criminal History Check (information will be supplied to you if you are being considered for an interview).

​Applications will be accepted until January 20, 2020, or until position is filled.
For more information or to submit application. Contact Danielle Parker, Executive Director at 304-345-6005 or at dlapresta@pawv.org.

Contact Information

Danielle Parker, dlapresta@pawv.org