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Disaster Corps Members Deployed to Repair Homes


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This Spring, three Disaster Corps members Donovan Fong, Brenda Minney and Quinten Burton, volunteered to help repair a homes that were damaged by flooding. There were two family homes that needed assistance, one in Putnam County and one in Cabell County. 

Janet Kelly, Catholic Charities Disaster Case Manager, was the on-site supervisor that instructed and guided the members on what needed to be done. The members worked over a 4-day period cutting and hanging skirting around the outside of the homes and putting up dry wall. 

Disaster Corps Members said it was a very rewarding experience. “Every day was great! Would love to be deployed again to help others. Greatest joy was the smile on the lady's (homeowner) face when she was thanking us,” said Brenda Minney. "It was beneficial to meet the homeowners and to see them happy with our work," said Donovan Fong.  

Contact Information

Gina Namay, Gina.L.Namay@wv.gov