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Collecting Socks for the Sockless



How often do you appreciate your socks? 

Today I dropped off 53 pairs at Covenant House and this was their reply, "Here socks and underwear are like candy for kids." 

After hearing firsthand from an AmeriCorps volunteer, Bianca Jenkins, that socks were always needed -I knew there was something we could do about it.

As part of our office Fall Yoga Wellness Program, Volunteer West Virginia & West Virginia Public Broadcasting collected socks to donate.
When I dropped them off on Friday morning, they were beyond appreciative. 

Many of their clients are walking around without socks on their feet. Recently they have been low on socks and underwear, so they are unable to hand them out to everyone who needs them.

While I was visiting, a client picked out a pair of colorful jelly bean socks and it meant so much to her. Her reply was, "It feels like Christmas!" This brought tears to my eyes, it is amazing how something we take for granted can mean so much.

So this year for Christmas if you are wondering what to get me: socks and underwear for Covenant House! 

It is easy to feel powerless to what is going on around us. But if something catches your ear & heart, go for it! It will mean more than you'll ever know.

Socks and underwear can be dropped off at Covenant House in Charleston at 600 Shrewsbury St # 1, Charleston, WV. To learn more about Covenant House click here

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