Volunteer WV
Volunteer WV

AmeriCorps Funding Now Available


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Volunteer West Virginia announced today a funding opportunity via AmeriCorps State Formula grants for eligible applicants. Potential applicants will apply via a formula competition process to operate an AmeriCorps program utilizing at least 5 AmeriCorps members or for a Planning Grant with the intent to submit a full application for an AmeriCorps project in the Fall 2019 or Spring 2020.

Who Are We Looking For 

  • Are you a community nonprofit, state or local government agency or service provider? 
  • Do you have a vision for service as a solution to a compelling community need in WV? 
  • Does your organization or a partner organization have the capacity to administer a federal grant?
  • Does your organization have the capacity to supervise an inject of at least five additional human resources to help expand the capacity of your team? 
  • Do you want a team of folks to expand your mission capacity in arts, drama or music education? What about literacy work or disaster response? This might be the opportunity for you! 
  • Does your organization have (or could you have) enough cash on hand to operate a program for two months before your first reimbursement arrives? 

Contact Information

Hannah Stone, Hannah.D.Stone@wv.gov